Corporate Retreats


Is your team stagnating? Has motivation diminished? Want to jumpstart your team in an invigorating new way? Looking for a new way to build a POWERFUL team?

Awakened Life Yoga's corporate retreats provide companies with a unique team building experience. Clients will have a rejuvenating, holistic experience, including digital detox to reset the nervous system and bring more clarity, learn techniques for finding equanimity 


Learn how to MAXIMIZE FOCUS and INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. Participate in DIGITAL DETOX to reset your nervous system and bring more CLARITY. Develop techniques to develop EQUANIMITY and generate ENTHUSIASM for paths forward.


Awakened Life Yoga will CUSTOMIZE a retreat to specifically meet the needs of your team!

Now is the time to shake things up! Try a new approach to energizing your team. Create a lifelong, memorable experience that your team will exponentially benefit from! Contact Julie TODAY to develop your personalized retreat: