A Sense of Calm Power


"I've practiced all types of yoga for over 15 years and Julie's class was incredible! Her sequencing and shifting from powerful flow to the longer held poses was great! Impressive teaching! Great positive energy. A sense of calm power." ~ Dora Rose, Miami, FL

Challenging yet thought provoking


"Julie was mindful and provided a challenging yet thought provoking practice. Best class so far!" ~Eddie, Cleveland, OH

Flowed Seamlessly


"Julie's class flowed beautifully, from the music to the poses, the pauses and the guided meditation~everything flowed seamlessly. This was the first time I fully relaxed in class; the guided meditation really worked. Thank you. I appreciate you, Julie." ~ Jessy, Asheville, NC

Contagious Excitement


"What a GREAT class today! Just feeling that again right now as I feel refreshed, clear headed and happily energized for my evening. Thank you. Thank you for bringing your excitement to the room. It was contagious." ~Marisol, Asheville, NC

Power Transformer


"Julie was like a power transformer, channeling the amazing energy of the moment and converting it to something I could use. Through her sincerely upbeat vocal guidance, she helped me embrace the joy of being alive through her yoga class. Very fun and challenging at the same time."-Andrew, Asheville, NC